Does Scent & More Send Samples?2023-07-29T16:50:27+00:00

Scent&More Store does not send out product samples.

Our 30ml fragrance oil bottles are the best way to sample new fragrances without a big investment.

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The smell of a fragrance out of the bottle, and the smell of a fragrance in a candle are often very different. You may find it helpful to whip up a small batch to test burn so you have a better idea of how the final product will smell.

Can your fragrances be used in reed diffusers?2023-07-29T16:50:18+00:00

Our fragrances can be used in reed diffusers. You will need to mix the fragrances with a reed diffuser base; you should not use pure fragrance oil in them.  (The diffuser base helps the fragrance travel up the reed.)

How much fragrance oil should I use when making candles?2023-07-29T16:50:07+00:00

As far as finding the right balance of the amount of fragrance to wax, it truly depends upon personal preference and desired hot throw. However, a general rule of thumb for strongly scented candles is 6-7%.  Use the recommended percentage of fragrance oil for the type of selected wax. For soy candles, for example, is 7-10%.

The wax can only absorb a certain amount of fragrance oil, so make sure to check you are not exceeding the recommended amount.

Most waxes will hold no more than 12% of fragrance oil however to assure the candle stability is not compromised we advise using 10% fragrance oil for optimal scent throw.

Can I mix fragrance oils together?2023-07-29T16:49:59+00:00

Yes. Mixing two or even three fragrance oils together is a creative and economical way to produce new and interesting candle scents.
Use blotters to get a basic creation and then work in small batches so you aren’t wasting oils and getting unexpected results. Mixing oils is like cooking with spices, add what you want, add more if necessary. Some scents smell great on their own but don’t mix well, while some scents maybe not so pleasant on their own but then develop when other aromas are added to them. Some scents disappear when introduced to other oils. Remember to use the correct percentage of fragrance oil according to the type of wax you’re using. As always, it is recommended that you make a few test candles to be sure you’re getting the fragrance result that you want.
The combinations are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started:
Lavender + Lilac
Lavender + Pear
Jasmine + Ylang Ylang
Pear + Lilac
Cinnamon + Apple
Cotton Blossom + Black Cherry
Coconut + Mango
Coconut + Vanilla
Mint + Spicy Orange
Green Tea + Lemongrass
Lavender + Vanilla
Leather + Rum
Apple + Fresh Cut Rose
Peach + Vanilla
Mint + Eucalyptus + Lavender
Rum + Firewood
White Tea + Fig
Banana + Apple

Banana + Forest Strawberry

What temperature should I add fragrance oil to melted wax?2023-07-29T16:51:51+00:00

It is important that the fragrance oil binds and mixes completely with the melted wax. For this reason, we recommend always adding fragrance oil to your wax at 75°C, regardless of the flashpoint of the fragrance oil. General rule – add fragrance to wax when it’s heated to about 10-15 degrees above its melting point. So if your wax melts at 52 degrees, heat the wax to about 62-67 degrees before adding. This is the optimal temperature for the fragrance and the wax to bind together, which will provide the best fragrance throw in your finished candle. Adding fragrance to your wax at lower temperatures can result in the fragrance not binding properly with the wax.

Can I mix fragrance oils together?
How much fragrance oil should I use when making candles?
Can your fragrances be used in reed diffusers?
Does Scent & More Send Samples?


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