Ready to make your first Homemade Reed Diffuser? With this video we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Non-plastic container with narrow opening
  • Scent&More Reed diffuser oil
  • Reed diffuser base or Ethanol
  • Rattan reed sticks
  • Measuring cup

So, some easy steps to follow :

1. Find a container with a narrow opening made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel or wood. A small opening at the top of the container ensures that minimal evaporation occurs.
2. Choise your favorite reed diffuser oil. You can use just one oil, or pair two or more oils whose scents complement one another.
3. Mix 15-20% of oil with 80-85% of Reed diffuser base, Ethanol or Perfumer’s alcohol.
4. Stir to combine the oil and reed diffuser base. Carefully pour the oil mixture into the container with the narrow opening.
5. Add about 6-8 reed sticks into the container.

Flip the reed sticks after an hour. Allow the reed sticks to sit in the oil for an hour, then take them out and flip them over so that the dry ends sit in the oil mixture. This will saturate both ends and quick-start the process of releasing the scent of the oil.

Swirl the oil every week. Make sure that you gently swirl the oil inside the reed diffuser about once a week to ensure that the oil mixture is adequately mixed.

Replace the reed sticks once a month. After about a month, you may also notice that the reed sticks have become completely saturated in oil.


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